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    The classic Franconian

    Franconian potato soup
    with bacon and white bread croutons


    Ovenfresh pork shoulder
    with wine sauerkraut, zesty gravy and potato dumplings


    Apple fritters with cinnamon sugar
    vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

    € 22,50 each person


    As alternative to the pork shoulder we gladly provide:
    Franconian sour marinated beef in gingerbread sauce with apple red cabbage and potato dumplings


    Cooked brisket in horseradish sauce with cranberries and potato dumplings


    At the following menus the apetizer and the dessert will be served, the main course will be a buffet beside your table, this ensures even after prolonged warm-keeping a high quality standard to.


    On request, we serve the main course on platters.


    Lederer brewer menu

    At the arriving of your guests our Lederer Schmankerlbrett will be covered on the tables:

    Aalfeld farmer´s ham, smkoed, homemade Franconain Speciality Sausage, smoked Nuremberg Sausages, liver sausage, Franconian fillets of trout freshly smoked with creamy horseradish on beetroot salad, marinated vegetables from the Knoblauchsland, juicy vine-ripened tomatoes, cooked farmer´s egg, Obatzter, chives brad and radishes


    Warm dishes
    - Franconian roast pork
    - Crispy duck haunch
    - Nuremberg Sausages
    - with apple red cabbage, sauerkraut, potato dumplings and dark beer gravy

    For vegetarian:
    - Creamy mushrooms with fresh herbs and bread dumplings

    - Spinach dumplings on tomato ragout with Parmesan slivers

    Tyrolian Style pancake -served in a pan-
    with hot sour cherries

    per person
    29,50 Euro

    Add. to this offer:
    Fresh leaf salads of the season with assorted dressings   p.P. 3,50 Euro



    Our popular Lederer Kulturbrauerei delicacy menu

    On Request we serve in big bowls to scoop by yourself:

    Franconian potato soup
    Liver dumpling soup
    Crispy breaded Mini Schäufele (pork shoulder) and spare ribs, original Nuremberg Sausages grilled, with homemade potato salad, potato dumplings, wine sauerkraut, gravy, mustard and creamy horseradish

    Bavarian Cream on strawberry sauce

    € 26,00 per person






  • Welcome to our wonderful Beer Garden.

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