The Lederer cult is a cult of beer – dating back to 1468!

Have fun discovering us and enjoy your stay. We’re looking forward to your visit.

The Boilerhouse with blast furnace (seats 90))

Our pride and joy, offering privacy and a private terrace.

Due to its size, the Boilerhouse not only lends itself particularly well to private parties and works functions where you wish to keep to yourselves, but this room is also completely cut off from the bar by a double door and even offers its own secluded terrace. The historic blast furnace, brickwork and charming wood panelling ensure a pleasant atmosphere in the style of the 19th century.. 

The Engine Bar with “Georg” (seats 50)

Experience the progression from non-mechanical to industrial brewing methods.

Equipped with a unique piece of nostalgia, the steam engine “Georg”, our Engine Bar evokes the dawn of industrialisation. Committed to the technical innovation of his time, Georg Lederer was the first person in 19th century Nuremberg to commission a steam engine and thus revolutionised the brewing methods of the oldest brewery in town. Several times a day the old steam engine (manufactured in 1911) is brought to life and “warms up” our customers for about four minutes. This little multi-media presentation, along with the model of Germany’s first steam train, the “Eagle”, which circuits above the heads of the clientele, is a unique feature in the cosy Engine Bar.

Krokodil [Crocodile] (seats 90)

The taproom with the legendary crocodile.

The quaint taproom is situated near the entrance and it could be called the heart of our establishment. A glass roof provides pleasant, natural light, and without a doubt, the first thing you’ll notice is the life-size crocodile hanging from the ceiling. The trademark of the Lederer Brewery was created in 1890 by the Nuremberg artist, Friedrich Wanderer, for whom the name of his local pub, “Zum Krokodil” [“The Crocodile’s Lair”] served as inspiration.

The Ancestral Gallery (seats 40)

On the trail of the Lederer family.

Christian, Georg, Johanna or Johann and Gabriel Lederer… one can admire these, and many more historical pictures still, in our Ancestral Gallery. This room is usually furnished with two long tables and is perfect for parties of up to 40 guests.

The Distillery and Brewhouse (seats 200)

A cosy dining room, where beer was once brewed.

The bare copper brewing kettles add a special touch to the largest room in our establishment. Until 1995, the special Lederer beers were brewed here. Nowadays, guests sit in amongst the huge kettles in the slightly raised distillery room, which is flooded with light, or in the roomy tavern bar, which we call the Brewhouse. Football and other televised events are broadcast on the two enormous screens and in the event of a cabaret or music performance, part of the Distillery can be transformed into a stage..

The Lederer Terrace (seats 400)

A large, outside seating area with waiting staff.

A little, shaded corner and a cool beer – this is what makes summer fun! Our Lederer Terrace opens on the first warm days of the year and can provide seating, food and beverages for around 400 guests.

Kulturbrauerei Beer Garden (seats 1000)

One of the most beautiful country beer gardens in the Franconian region.

Self-service beer gardens have a long tradition in Bavaria, and in our spacious country beer garden too, you can snack to your heart’s content, too. Cold drinks and light snacks are sold at the bar and meanwhile, thanks to three big screens, the beer garden is transformed, as if in a summer fairytale, into a state of the art public viewing area.


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